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Parade/Public Assembly Request Form

No persons, society or organization of any name or nature shall assemble, congregate, parade or march in or through any of the streets of the city without first securing a permit thereof in accordance with city ordinances. 

Written application for a permit upon forms available for such purposes shall be made not less than 48 hours preceding the event.  The applicant must demonstrate that the event is being conducted for lawful purposes and that it will not interfere unduly with the public health and safety.  The applicants shall state the number of persons expected to participate in the event, the location or route to be followed, the duration of the event and such other related information as may be required. 

To apply for a parade/public assembly permit, please print and complete the form below, and hand deliver or mail to:

Syracuse Police Department

511 S. State St.

Syracuse, NY 13202


Please note that you are not guaranteed a pemit by filing an application. Aprroval of application is at the discretion of the Syracuse Police Department.

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