Syracuse Police Department
Administrative BureauTechnology Division


  • Develops, prepares, publishes and maintains records of all Departmental rules and regulations and orders.
  • Conducts research and planning projects as directed by the Chief of Police.
  • Responds to surveys and statistical data requests from individuals, media and organizations.
  • Prepares and publishes the Departments annual report.
  • Develops, manages, and provides forms control services.
  • Ensures Departmental compliance with New York State Accreditation Program Standards.
  • Maintains and implements Department Information & Technology Systems and provides computer support services.
  • Prepares and assists in the management of Departmental grants.

         The Technology Division contains the following Sections:

         - Accrediation Standards Section

         - Grant Management Section

         - Information Technology Section


Contact Information
511 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: (315) 442-5240
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